Artist’s Statement

From straight lines and angles to free-flowing marks and curves, I divide my art between the organic shapes of nature and the geometric shapes of buildings.

As an artist, I interpret a moment in time, a fleeting glance of light over the forms of landscape and architecture. Light continually changes the pattern, colour, and atmosphere of a scene. My challenge is to capture these effects on the natural and man-made worlds.

Buildings, especially old ones, inspire me with their craftsmanship, character and history.

I paint in a realistic style. The use of heavy body acrylics allows me to build texture and make marks by scraping the top paint layer to expose colours underneath. I like to see the brush strokes on the canvas.

The luminosity, fluidity and “happy accidents” of watercolour are what first attracted me to this wonderful, exciting medium.  Complex subject matter, rendered in watercolour, continues to fascinate me. There is magic when paint pigments combine with water on quality rag paper.

I like to work in a series of paintings and explore a particular subject. In the past, I created nine paintings in watercolour and acrylic depicting buildings in the city of St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Currently, I am exploring a theme about trees through their lifespan and through the seasons. Within the tree series is a sub theme called “Maple Grove”.  This series is an ongoing project.

As an artist, I see my surroundings as a constant flow of impressions which lead to inspiration and imagination. The result is a realistic or abstract interpretation of the images of my experience.